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Want to get your project off to a good start with some Quick Wins?

Use these top 20 tips to make sure you get successful Quick Wins.  Watch the Video, take the Quiz!  Read more...

Achieve more!  Get Your Team Behind The Right Goals!

Planing time with your team this January to set your team goals?

A checklist to align your team goals with wider organisational goals, agree accountabilities, performance indicators, dependencies and risks!  Read more...

Need to develop and improve your management skills as you progress?

Use Katz's framework to give structure to your skill development plan.  Read more...

Managing and motivating performance begins with agreeing the right individual performance objectives.

Use this checklist to help you set objectives that motivate your team members and give you an objective means of assessing and improving performance Read more...

Our beliefs about who is in control can have a significant effect on our behaviour.

Take the on-screen test and learn about your Locus of Control.  Read more...

Don't leave your career development to chance!

Be proactive and plan your career using this Career Development template and practical career planning tips.  Read more...

Some of the latest for our members:

Get Promoted!

What does it take to position yourself in the front running for the next promotion opportunity in your organisation or a new one?

If you think that building a track record of achievement in your career to date is enough, you'd be wrong.  You'll also need to take these 5 strategic actions to get noticed and get ahead!   Read more...

Control Chart Wizard

Confused about all that Control Chart stuff?

Not sure what chart is best for you?

Use our simple and easy wizard to guide you to the chart for you and your lean process improvement!  Read more...

Sometimes things go wrong and we apologise.  But sometimes we get stuck on the apology and do not move on!

Use these leader's tips to help people move forward again!  Read more...

Make your process improvement more effective!

Understand and rate the key high level characteristics of your process and seize the opportunity for improvement!  Read more...


Don't leave your career development to chance!  
Learn the skills that you need to successfully influence your stakeholders, manage their perceptions and seize the opportunities that truly impact your career. Read more...

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We all know that effective goals are SMART…. but is there a letter missing?


How many of our goals, even those that we take the time to document and set so that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timebound) do we abandon and never achieve?  Some research suggests: quite a lot, if not most of them.

Another Year Over? How Will Next Year Be Different?


What Your People Really Need To Know

Even in these tough economic times, employee engagement and motivation is still an area that many companies are focusing on and continuing to measure. 

Tough as it is out there, companies can’t afford not to bring the best out in their people.  They still need to create the conditions where their people naturally want to ‘go that extra mile’ for customers as well as each other and bring all of their skills, talents and efforts to the table.

Generation Y - Special?


Generation Y: Fast and Hard......Special?

Employers all over the world are now welcoming, generation Y.

Not Now! I’m Off to Another Meeting!


You know that feeling:  your diary is ‘back to back’ meetings all day!  How are you going to get anything done?

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