Katz's Management Core Skills

Three Essential Management Skill Groups
Katz's Management Core Skills

Robert Katz identified three core management skill groups that managers need in order to be successful: 

  1. Technical: the ‘how’ of the job, the knowledge, methods and skills required to complete the tasks and achieve the results required;
  2. Human: the interpersonal skills to relate to and work with others, to develop their skills and competencies, motivate them and to evaluate and improve their performance
  3. Conceptual: the skills to understand the complexity of the organization, it’s processes and its potential, process information, identify problems and opportunities, formulate and implement optimal solutions and make decisions.

Examine your own skill sets and see how they match to these categories.

Use Katz's core management skills groups to help you improve your development plan: which management skills groups it is focused on and is it balanced?


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