Team Effectiveness - Team Effectiveness Model Assessment Tool (TEMAT)

Assessing the overall effectiveness of your team
Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness is critical to organization performance.  

Teams and the inherent Teamwork have a significant influence on the day to day performance in the organization as well as its long term health and viability.  Having effective as well as efficient teams makes sense.

We have all experienced teams with deficiencies and can often wax lyrical about the problems and issues in teams.  Indeed when we are part of a dysfunctional team we feel it personally.  

Sometimes we find it hard to fix on more than one or two occasions when we would firmly say 'yes!!' that was a really effective team.

With this often being the case and teams being seemingly everywhere, why is it so difficult to have an effective team?

Teams are both informal and formal, permanent and temporary, local and distance, functional or multifunctional and when we go to work each day we are sure to be part of one.  This makes the need to understand great teamwork and develop our competencies in this area important for our own and the organisations development.

Some of the key tests of Team Effectiveness revolve around:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Leadership
  • Processes and Controls
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Stakeholder and team relationships
  • Team and personal development within the team
  • Alignment to greater goals and purpose

Use the downloadable Team Effectiveness questionnaire in this topic - The Team Effectiveness Model Assessment Tool (TEMAT) - to test out your teams effectiveness and discover opportunities for improvement. Use the downloadable calculator to calculate results from the questionnaire.

Use this topic to examine your team's effectiveness in more detail and help your team move from good to great.


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Use the Team Effectiveness Model Assessment Tool (TEMAT) to test out how effective your team is.  Get all your team members to complete the questionnaire and then total the results.

Use the calculator to record the results and calculate your team's effectiveness score.

Use the results of both the individual sections and the total to facilitate debate amongst the team and as the basis for deriving an action plan for improvement.

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