Why Why Analysis

Asking 'Why' to get to the root of issues

The Why Why Analysis is a great simple technique for involving a team in getting to the Root Causes of a problem, issue or opportunity.

The technique can be used at any time a team or individual is trying to get below the surface of symptoms that appear to have lots of causes all interacting at the same time.

The technique uses the Tree Diagram as its main presentation tool and utilises other techniques such as Brainstorming to bring out ideas from the team.

Simple to use and easy to set up the technique can be really valuable when starting out on root cause identification.

There are some 'watch outs' for this technique and they revolve around the subjectivity of ideas created on the fly, lack of data and team members having a constrained perspective on Root Causes based on their experience.

Having said that the technique is a powerful one for engaging a team and beginning the thought processes on solving a problem or seizing an opportunity.

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This topic forms part of the Problem Solving Learning Stream.

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