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We often think that the key to motivating employees is to offer more incentives and rewards, particularly, more money.

Martin M Thomas

How effective are your time management skills?

As leaders and managers, our achievements and our ability to create long term value critically depends on how well we use our time.

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Strong Problem Solving Skills and knowledge of Problem Solving Techniques are becoming increasingly important so that we can help our organisations improve their competitiveness and adapt quickly to changing customer and marketplace demands.

These pressures create so many problems to solve at work and of course, they all need to be solved yesterday!

Martin M Thomas

How would you define your organisational culture?

An organisation’s culture is often easier ‘see’ through its visible influence on behaviour in the workplace, and the way it makes us feel at work - than to define.

But, although organisational culture is intangible and difficult to pin point precisely, it is important and powerful.

Martin M Thomas

Confucius said:

‘Only the wisest and stupidest of men ever change’

Opt for 'wise' and use Business Process Improvement and Process Management to drive successful change and sustainable improvement.

Martin M Thomas

Are you creative? Is your team creative? Is your business creative? What is creative anyway? See how Creative Thinking tools and techniques can release the ideas and wisdom from within!

Martin M Thomas

“Improve your Personal Development ”

may not have been the quote on entry to the ancient Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, Greece but the quote that was written in the forecourt:

‘Know Thyself’

strikes at the core of what makes a great Leader.

Martin M Thomas

In a world of constant change can we really plan our careers any more?
Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is in the air, autumn in the South!

At a time of changing seasons it is interesting to reflect on the changing seasons of our careers.

How is your career changing now?

Martin M Thomas

Change is all around us all the time. It is the one constant.

Change Management is a skill and a process that most leaders and managers need to master. When managing change there are many different approaches which can be taken. Being clear about your approach is critical to being successful.

When embarking on change and organisational development there are some critical principles to bear in mind and questions to ask:

Martin M Thomas

Are people trained on how to give formal performance reviews? Or do we more or less just 'wing it', copying how our managers have reviewed us over the years?

Whether we are on the giving or receiving end of a performance review, we dread them. Revisit the bad and the ugly.

Martin M Thomas